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Workshops at BMSSA serve a dual purpose of exposure to the current industry and market trends and ideologies of the contemporaries; and also provide an insight into the other allied fields of architecture.

Multiple guest lectures and workshops by industry experts are organized for students, where experts and eminent practitioners are invited to share their experiences and also discuss technological advances in their respective fields. They are then taken to visit the site/ industry for a better understanding or demonstration of the process/ product.

Students have also been exposed to parallel fields like Sketching and Painting, Paper Engineering, Photography, etc. to encourage them to develop interests and explore parallel fields in presentation. Students are also encouraged to participate in workshops conducted by external agencies to enhance their expertise and experience of the field.

S.No Name of the event Resource Person
1 Architectural Design Workshop Ar. Arun Swaminathan
2 Architectural Journalism workshop by in-house faculty Ar. Pawan Haribal
3 Laurie Baker workshop (External) LBC
4 Clubs: Century Club case study by 3rd Semester students
5 Case study on Malls
6 On-Site visit by students of VII Sem to Flora Interiors Solutions Flora Interiors Solution
7 On-Site visit by students of VII Sem to Feather Lite Showroom Security Automation Sysytem
8 Product presentation by ELT – Green Wall Installation by ELT India – Green Wall ELT India, Green Wall
S.No Name of the event Resource Person
1 Lecture on Horizontal plane planning by Ar. Prashanth Pole followed by a 2 day Design workshop Ar. Prashanth Pole
2 Structure BCM Workshop by Mr. Srinivasan Mr. Srinivasan
3 Asian Paints Workshop by Mr. Ajay Subramanium, Asian Paints Group Mr. Ajay Subramanium
4 Basic Design Studio Workshop Recycle – Reuse by in-house faculty In House - Ar. Anjan Kumar, Ar. Shreyas, Art. Priyaranjan B & Art. Chandan K
5 Beyond creativity Gyanesh Mitra
6 Hotel: Sai Leela Hotel case study by 5th Semester students along with faculty Ar. Mahesh
7 Lecture and product presentation on Security and Automation Systems by representatives from Siemens and Honeywell Siemens Security Automation Sysytem & Honeywell Security Automation Sysytem
S.No Name of the event Resource Person
1 Two Day Workshop “ Overview to complete Bathing Solutions – by Mr. Gaurav Kumar, Head - Business Development, Jaquar & team Mr. Gaurav Kumar
2 Asian Paints Workshop - “ Types of Paints and its applications” Mr. Raajavarman
3 Adobe Photoshop Workshop - “A Two- Day Workshop on Presentation Skills” Ar. Anjan Kumar
4 Model Making workshop - VI Semester Architectural Design - Law School, Bangalore Mr. Anant Rai
5 An Insight into Space Line Form workshop by Mr. A.V. Ilango, Artist in Residency, BMSSA Mr. A V Ilango
6 Photography Workshop by Ar. Kekie Mistry Kekie Mistry
7 Workshop on “Paper Constructions- Innovative explorations through paper” by Mr. Arun Desai Arun Desai
8 Workshop for V Semester students - Revit Architecture Mr. Pradeep K.(Medini, autodesk)
9 Diagrams in Architecture Workshop: Understanding conceptual in architecture through diagrams by Mr. Pradeep, Medini, Auto desk Pradeep Medini
10 Law School: National Law School Campus case study by 6th Semester students along with faculty Mr. Suryanarayan
11 A visit to HNI - DP Ergo by the VII semester students for demonstration og Modular partitions
12 V Semester Architectural Design Studio – Collaboration for the Design Initiation and Case studies with DY Patil College of Engineering and Technology (Kolhapur) V Semester Design Faculty
13 Hospice: Karunashraya visit by 5th Semester students followed by a lecture by Ar. Sudha addressing Design of a Hospital. Ar. Sudha
S.No Name of the event Resource Person
1 Adobe Photoshop Workshop Ar. Anjan Kumar
2 Cardboard Furniture Workshop Ar. Anabelle M. Viegas & the Workshop Team
3 Visit to IIM- Bangalore for AD VI Case study Ar. Padmini R
4 Visit to BCIL Zed Earth, Yelahanka Ar. Padmini R
5 Visit to IGBC Green Quest 2017 Ar. Shweta Gupta
6 Everest dry wall systems Mr.Harsha from Everest R&D
7 ACC Cement production plant Mr.Krishna from ACC Production Plant
8 Architectural Design II Farm House Case Study in Doddaballapur Ar. Shreyas
9 Bamboo Workshop at Green Village, BALI: Bamboo Construction and Design, where students learnt about types of bamboo, growth cycle, parts, and treatment methods for longer life etc. Wheel of Innovation
10 Photography Workshop Mr. Ghani Zaman
11 Alternate & Energy Efficient Building Technologies: Hand-on activities on stabilized mud block, rammed earth, Stabilized Adobe, Mud Concrete, Masonry vaults and Domes, Various types of materials used as admixtures such as Lime, Fly ash, GGBS, Rice Husk Ash, Kaolinite etc. Gramavidya Team
12 Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) ”Copyrights in Architectural Space: Key Nuances”. The idea behind the workshop was to bring in awareness on the rights on the nature projects and works (done in an architecture school) that they generate as students. Smt. Prabhavathi Rao, VTPC
Ms. Tanu Singh, VTPC
Dr. Farah Deeba, VTPC
13 Workshop on “Tensile Structures” Ar. Arun Swaminathan
S.No Name of the event Resource Person
1 Workshop on Architectural Presentation Ar. Anjan Kumar, Assoc. Professor, BMSSA
2 Workshop on Sketching Ar. Sharan Desai, Professor, BMSSA & Ar. Tejaswini, Asst. Professor, BMSSA
3 Biomimicry Workshop Mr. Vivin Agarwal
4 Architectural Journalism Workshop Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta
5 Furniture Hardware Workshop Staff from EBCO
6 Sketching Workshop Ar. Sharan Desai, Professor, BMSSA
7 Workshop - " An insight towards Architectural Thinking" Ar. Kevin Mark Low & Ar. Sunita Kanvinde
8 Product Design Workshop Ar. Harish Ram, Assoc. Professor, BMSSA
9 Vernacular Architecture workshop Ar. Anjan Kumar, Asst. Professor, BMSSA & Ar. Shreyas K, Asst. Professor, BMSSA
10 Architectural Photography Ar. Yatish Architect & Photographer
11 Crafts in Architecture Mr. Bhanu Prakash Crafts Person & Artist
12 Digital Architecture Design Mr. Vijeth. T. K.
13 Crafts In Architecture Mr. Bram from Germany
14 Crafts In Architecture At Mysore
15 ‘Alternative Building Material Study’ Workshop At SAP Mysore Mr. Vivin Agarwal
16 Clay Pottery Workshop Mr. Chandan Kashyap, Asst. Professor, BMSSA & Mr. Priyaranjan Behra, Asst. Professor, BMSSA
17 Clay Pottery Workshop Mr. Chandan Kashyap, Asst. Professor, BMSSA & Mr. Priyaranjan Behra, Asst. Professor, BMSSA
18 Special Model Making Workshop Mr. Binny Johnson, Asst. Professor, BMSSA
S.No Name of the event Resource Person
1 Installation of Origami Ar. Ankon Mitra
2 Workshop on Comparative Sustainable Master plan Metrics Ar. Alison Peters
3 Parametric Design Explorations (Grasshopper & Rhino) Ar. Nandini Rajaram & Ar. Vinay Sekhar
S.No Name of the event Resource Person
1 Wattle, Daub and Bamboo Construction workshop